Why Service Your Vehicle at a Dealership

Why You Should Have Your Vehicle
Serviced with a Dealer in Tallahassee, FL

If you’re new to the Tallahassee area, or if you’re just looking for a new place to have your Ford serviced, we’re here to help. Choosing a trustworthy mechanic is an important part of keeping your vehicle healthy, and if you’ve had bad experiences with mechanics in the past, we know you’re probably cautious with who you choose to work on your ride. For all of these reasons and more, we recommend having your vehicle serviced at a dealership like Tallahassee Ford.

While there may be other mechanics in our area that are reputable, no one can take care of your Ford like a dealership. If your model needs a tune-up, make your appointment here at the Tallahassee Ford service center today! Or, if you need a few more reasons to service with a dealership, we’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Benefits When You Service With Us

Expert Technicians

If you’re looking for Ford experts, look no further than our service technicians. Each member of our team has been thoroughly trained, and we regularly provide updated training on new models and best practices. This training, combined with years of experience, means our team knows the ins and outs of your Ford before you even bring it in. Our goal is to help your Ford last as long as possible, and we can provide the care and attention to detail your model needs to keep running reliably and efficiently for years to come. We offer services of all sizes, from routine oil changes to major repairs. Other mechanics won’t have the same familiarity with Ford models that we do.

OEM Parts

On top of the excellent service we provide, we also stock genuine OEM Ford parts here at our dealership. These are used by our service technicians in all Ford repairs and replacements, and they can also be purchased by customers who would prefer to do DIY service at home. Choosing OEM parts is the best decision you can make for your model, as the parts are manufactured by Ford and designed to specifically fit your vehicle. Plus, our parts experts are ready to assist you with finding the right part, every time.

Honor Your Warranty

If your Ford is still under warranty, it’s important to have it serviced at a dealership in order to keep that warranty active. In case a covered part breaks or shows signs of a manufacturer defect, we’ll be able to take care of any eligible repairs at no cost to you. Non-dealership mechanics won’t be able to do this.


Finally, there’s nothing like the hospitality you’ll experience here at Tallahassee Ford. We work hard to ensure every guest has a great experience at our dealership, and we’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier. We offer convenient Saturday hours, parts and service specials to help you save money and stress-free Sunbit service financing, which allows you to pay off service costs over time. Can’t make it into our dealership? Don’t panic — we offer Ford mobile maintenance for most services, which means we’ll bring the experts to your home or office! Plus, when you service with us, you’ll earn FordPass™ rewards. ­

Overall, you’ll have a superior customer experience when you choose to service at a dealership. Make your next service appointment on our website today!

If you’d like to learn more about how our dealership can make the difference in your vehicle’s service, contact us today or stop by Tallahassee Ford at 243 North Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301 . We look forward to serving our customers from Thomasville, GA, Havana and Crawfordville, FL.