Should I Buy or Lease a New Ford? | Tallahassee FL

Pros and Cons of Buying vs.

Leasing a Car in Tallahassee, FL

Driving a new Ford is an experience we can’t recommend highly enough, and if you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a Ford SUV, truck or sports car, we have a model for you here at Tallahassee Ford . Once you have shopped our new vehicle inventory and chosen your Ford, you’ll need to decide whether to buy or lease your vehicle. Both options have impressive perks; however, the best fit for you depends on your situation. To learn more about buying and leasing, take a look below to find the benefits of each one so you can determine which route to take. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Why Lease a Vehicle?

Affordable Monthly Payments

When you lease a new Ford, you’ll make monthly payments until your lease term ends. These monthly payments will likely be lower than the payments would be if you chose to buy instead. This means that, if you lease, you’ll get the perks of driving a new vehicle — with all of its up-to-date technology and safety features — without paying full price.


If you don’t drive much, leasing might be the perfect option for you. Perhaps you work from home, you have a short commute or you usually fly when you need to travel. Because your lease agreement will limit the number of miles you can drive to 10,000-12,000 miles per year, you’ll have an easier time staying within the limits if you don’t drive long distances on a regular basis. However, if you expect to do more driving during your lease term, you can always add more miles at signing. Another convenient perk that comes with leasing is not having to sell your vehicle once your lease ends. It’s an easy process — just return your vehicle to us at Tallahassee Ford. After that, you’ll have options: You can start a new lease, buy a new Ford or purchase the vehicle you leased. It’s up to you!

Warranty Protection

You’ll probably lease your new Ford for two or three years, which means you should be covered by its new vehicle warranty the entire time you’re driving the vehicle. Talk about peace of mind! While a new Ford shouldn’t need any major service or repairs, you can drive with confidence knowing that qualifying defects and repairs will be taken care of at no cost to you, should they arise.

Why Purchase a Vehicle?

No Additional Fees

When you buy a new Ford, you’ll be free from the additional fees that are part of leasing. You won’t have to worry about being charged for going over mileage limits or for causing any excess wear and tear on the vehicle. Plus, if you want to customize the vehicle, you can do so freely when you own it; when you lease, you’ll have to remove any customizations before returning the car.

Financial Flexibility

If you choose to buy your Ford instead of leasing, you’ll have the flexibility to pay for it in a few different ways, depending on your financial situation. If you have the cash saved up, you can pay for the vehicle all at once — which means you’ll have no monthly payments to worry about. If you’d rather pay for it over time, you can finance your Ford by getting a loan and paying the vehicle off slowly. This is the option that most customers choose, as it relieves the buyer from the burden of paying the entire cost at once. Want to lower your monthly payments? Make a larger down payment, if your budget allows. And don’t forget to check out our new car specials to save even more!

True Freedom

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, owning a car gives you true freedom to do whatever you want with your vehicle. You can drive it as many miles as you want, customize it to your heart’s content and stress less about wear and tear on the vehicle. Adding genuine Ford accessories can make your new Ford more personalized to you — be sure to ask us about them when you stop by our dealership. Overall, owning a new, American-made Ford is a rewarding experience. If you want true independence in your ride, visit us to purchase the perfect Ford for you today!

If you’re interested in owning or leasing one of our new models or would like to learn more about your lease-end options, feel free to contact us or come see us in person. Tallahassee Ford is located at 243 North Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301, and we look forward to serving our customers from Thomasville, GA, Havana and Crawfordville, FL.