How to Prepare Your Car for Sale

Make your vehicle stand out from the crowd

How to Prepare Your Car for Sale in Tallahassee, FL

Ready to bid farewell to your current ride? Bring it to Tallahassee Ford — we’ll buy it from you! Whether you leave with cash in your wallet or trade in your car for a new or used model, we’ll give you an offer you won’t want to miss. To get started, take a look at your vehicle’s Kelley Blue Book® value to see where it stands in relation to the current market. If you want to boost the value of your car even further, spend some time preparing it for sale. Continue reading for a list of useful tips to help you kickstart this process.

Preparing your car for sale

Factors like age, mileage, trim, features, desirability and condition play a role in determining your model’s value. While some of these are not within your control, improving your vehicle’s condition can positively influence the final payout. Set your car up for success by following the steps listed below.

Interior Cleaning and Detailing

Cleaning and detailing your car is a must before selling, whether you hire a professional or handle it yourself. In order to save a little on cleaning costs, consider taking on this task yourself and focusing on the following areas:

  • Remove all personal items and trash from the car.
  • Vacuum the carpet and upholstery thoroughly.
  • If the floor mats are stained, you can wash them with carpet shampoo.
  • Wash the windows and windshield inside and out.
  • Pull twigs and leaves out from the area where the wipers sit.
  • Check the trunk for any belongings.
  • Ensure that the spare tire, car jack and tools are all in their proper places.
  • Want to take it to the next level? Polish your tires and rims for extra sparkle and shine.

Exterior Refurbishments

Imperfections like small dings and dents on your vehicle’s exterior may be insignificant to you; however, they can diminish your car’s value. Small issues can be fixed with a DIY kit from a car parts shop, but other damage could be major enough to warrant professional repair. If you decide to bring your car to a body shop, request a quote beforehand so you don’t end up paying top dollar. If the price you’re quoted is sky-high, it might be best to sell your car as is.

Minor Repairs and Replacements

Are your car’s headlights burnt out? Dealing with wacky windshield wipers? Overdue for an oil change? It’s smart to take care of these minor issues before selling your vehicle. However, if you’re looking at major repairs or replacements (such as a new engine), we recommend selling your vehicle as is.

Removing Customizations

Last but not least, don’t forget to remove any custom modifications before you sell. Adding stickers, decals and exterior accessories is a fun way to flex your creative muscles, but you’ll want your car to be as close to its original condition as possible when it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t worry if you’ve already made major modifications to your vehicle — just let us know about them when you bring your car to our dealership.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team will be happy to help, and we can’t wait to give you a great offer for your car. Tallahassee Ford is located at 243 North Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301, serving the automotive needs of our neighbors from Thomasville, GA, Havana and Crawfordville, FL.