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2023 Ford All-Electric Models in Tallahassee, FL

Throughout the decades, Ford has been the front runner when it comes to the latest innovations to storm the automotive market. Now, with several all-electric options in the brand’s line of automobiles, Ford is prepared to lead the way with America’s most fuel-efficient models made right here at home. If you have been thinking about making the switch to an all-electric vehicle, now is the time! With the Ford brand’s new line of EV models, going all-electric has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for a van for the worksite, a pickup truck for hauling large cargo or a high-performance sports SUV, Ford has the electric model you’ve been waiting for. Drive a Ford all-electric model today and see how these models are Built Ford Tough!

Get to Know Our All-Electric Lineup

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning:powered by electricity, this truck is just as tough and capable as its gas-powered siblings in the F-Series.

What are the Benefits of Driving a Ford All-Electric Model?

Charge With Confidences

Thanks to the BlueOval™ Charge Network, you can now charge your EV without the hassle of searching for charging stations near you. So leave your gas-pumping blues behind. With over 75,000 chargers available on the network, you can drive confidently through any journey you make with more than enough opportunities to charge up your EV. Add miles to your drive in just minutes instead of hours compared to other charging stations. You will have full access to the BlueOval™ network as a Ford owner.

Tax Incentives

Not only are Ford EV models fuel-efficient, but they bring great tax benefits, too. Many states offer tax incentives when you purchase an EV model assembled in North America. Some incentives may have restrictions. To confirm your eligibility and see what incentive your state offers, check out theAlternative Fuels Data Centerfor more.

Long-Term Savings

With an all-electric vehicle, you will save money by not having to stop for gas. And your Ford EV model will require a lot less maintenance, since you no longer have to service the same parts as those of a gas-powered engine. It’s also more convenient and less hassle than having to deal with the requirements of a gas-powered engine (like oil changes, engine belt replacements, transmission fluid flushes and so much more). Keep more money in your pocket when you drive a dependable Ford EV model and spend less time getting your vehicle serviced.

Ford All-Electric FAQs

The demand for electric vehicles has increased in recent years, and to keep up with that demand, Ford is paving the way for electric vehicle production in North America. This will also contribute to the long-term environmental benefits that are a result of going electric.

Not necessarily. Your vehicle’s expenses are going to vary. Vehicles with gasoline engines have MSRPs that are similar to those of models with electrified powertrains. As mentioned, you will save money just by not spending at the pump. Electric models also have low-cost maintenance compared to gas-powered vehicles.

No. Many electric models can match the horsepower or towing capacity of similar gas-powered vehicles and can also outperform them in some cases.

Charging capabilities depend on the equipment used to charge your vehicle, battery temperature, weather, battery condition and the condition of your vehicle. For more information on charging time for your electric Ford model, visitthe Ford website.

Yes, although warranties can differ from vehicle to vehicle. You should alwayscontact usfor more information on your vehicle’s warranty and possible coverage for your Electric Vehicle Components or Roadside Assistance.

Explore the Ford All-Electric Lineup

2023 Ford F-150 Lightning

2023 Ford E-Transit

2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E

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