Automotive Recall FAQs

Automotive recall? We can help

Automotive Recall FAQs in Tallahassee, FL

If a recall has been issued for a part of your vehicle, don’t worry! The Tallahassee Ford team is here to help. We work closely with the Ford brand to ensure we’re up to date on safety guidelines. While safety recalls can be worrying and inconvenient, they ultimately are created to keep you and your family safe. In the event of a recall, our team of service technicians can perform any repairs or replacements needed to get you safely back on the road. Keep reading to find our frequently asked questions about automotive recalls.

Recall FAQs

What is a recall?

A recall is issued when a part of your vehicle has been determined to be faulty. This part can be unique to your model or it can be one of the many parts that are used across brands. When a recall is issued, either the faulty part or system is potentially dangerous or it’s just malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Once a recall has been issued, the manufacturer will notify authorized dealers (like us) and registered owners (you). Make sure that you’re registered with both the manufacturer and your state in order to receive recall notices if they are issued. You were automatically registered with the manufacturer if you bought your vehicle new. If you purchased a used model, you can register as its owner on the manufacturer website using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or you can call the manufacturer directly.

What is the NHTSA?

TheNHTSA, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is the federal agency that regulates vehicle safety. They work to save lives and prevent crashes through research, education and safety standards across the motor vehicle industry. We trust the NHTSA to provide crash test ratings for all brands, makes and models.

How do I know if the used vehicle that I’m interested in has a safety recall?

Simply visit the NHTSA website and use theirrecall search tool. You can search for your vehicle using your VIN or the year, make and model. Ford, along with many other car manufacturers, provides the option tosearch for recalls on their siteas well. We also provide a free copy of the CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ for every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle we sell. This report will contain details on any recalls that are active for the vehicle at the time of purchase.

How will I find out if my vehicle is subject to a safety recall after I purchase it?

Ford will reach out to you with a recall notice by phone, email or first-class mail. In the report, you’ll see details on the recall, how it affects your safety and instructions for next steps. You must have your state registration up to date to receive this notice. Most of the time, the recall is issued voluntarily by the manufacturer before the NHTSA has to enforce it.

Does Tallahassee Ford fix open safety recalls?

Yes, we do! If you receive a recall notice, just make an appointment with our service department. Our technicians will resolve the issue, making any necessary repairs and replacing faulty parts so that you can drive home with confidence. When you schedule your service, please let our team know the details of your recall (as stated on the notice you received) so they can solve the problem as efficiently as possible. We make it easy!

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by our dealership. We are conveniently located at243 North Magnolia Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32301and we look forward to seeing our customers from Tallahassee, FL, and throughout Thomasville, GA, Havana and Crawfordville, FL!